SI unique silk


SI unique silk is a brand created by academic artist Ivana Strugarević. It consists of a unique hand-painted silk scarves and pocket squares. These fashion details are certainly an essential part of the elegance of the modern man and woman and contributes to their perfect style.

What makes it unique

Every SI unique silk product is unique, carefully designed, then sewn and then handpainted with authentic SI pattern. Considering that each product is designed and painted individually by artist free hand, without any template, it is impossible to make two identical products. Each is unique and by itself makes a real piece of artwork.

Authentic SI unique silk pattern and historical heritage

Copyrighted SI unique silk pattern, as well as the brand of the same name, was created by a young academic artist, Ivana Strugarević, who draws inspiration from the motifs and elements of medieval ornaments from our area. Bearing in mind that this our area, for centuries has always been a crossroads of roads and cultural influences of the East and the West, these works are thus not only a part of the cultural and historical heritage of these areas, but an integral part of the world’s cultural heritage.

Why silk

From ancient times, silk is considered as the most luxurious material, and way of production was closely guarded secret for centuries. Beside luxurious softness and beauty, silk is adorned by numerous health advantages compared to other fabrics. Silk is very pleasant to the skin, excellent insulator, maintains a constant body temperature and in addition, because of its protein structure it is natural anti-allergenic.

How the products are made

Making handmade silk scarves and pocket squares is a delicate process that requires precision and commitment. They are first designed, then sewed and put on frames. Afterwards, they are hand-painted with the highest quality silk colours of French and German producers and then left to dry. After drying, silk scarves and pocket squares are ready for packing.

Advantages of SI unique silk products

The most luxurious natural fabric, hand-painted and designed by academic artist, authentic SI unique silk pattern with deep roots in medieval ornamentation, the possibility to personalize with individual’s initials, name of the company and other features make the SI unique silk products totally unique and authentic brand in the domestic and global market.

Why choose SI unique silk

SI unique silk products are especially unique products because of its authentic design, unique line and artistic value, based on the blend of traditional and modern forms through multiple purposes. The vision of our team is to provide every individual the possibility that these small works of art interwoven with fragments of centuries-old heritage can take with you as a part of fashion, art and history. With our unique fashion accessories, you will be recognized as a person of refined taste. 


Previous experience with our customers has shown that SI unique silk scarves and pocket squares, beside personal gift and luxury fashion accessory, are great solution for both corporate and promotinal gifts as well as gifts for special dates and occasions (New Year, Christmas, 8th March, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings, festivals, theme nights, cultural, artistic and entertainment events and more).

In accordance with ordered quantity of unique gifts, by client desire, it is possible to print boxes and declarations with client comapny logo or presonalize it.